Wwoofing to Oz

We are now on route over land and sea to Australia, we set off from London on January 23rd 2012.  Along the way we will be visiting families, communities and sustainable projects.  We hope to connect and learn from the people we meet, exchanging ideas about food security, localisation and regenerative land use.  See more about the planned journey in my diploma Project 3.

We will have a minimal budget to make the journey and hope to Wwoof along the way.  Wwoofing stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms and it is a mutual exchange with one party giving work in exchange for accommodation and food.  We believe this to be an ideal way of travelling through countries gaining a greater knowledge of local food production and techniques.  It’s a way of giving back to each country that we pass through without the need to exchange money.

Here’s a map of our route as we move east…

If you have any recommendations of places you have Wwoofed then please get in contact.  If you know of or are part of a community, farm or family that you think we should visit then send us and email and tell why.  We hope to see you along the way.

I will also be doing my Diploma at the time of travelling and I am always looking for projects that are open to Permaculture Diploma students to flex their skills in design.

Overland to Oz Part 1 – Wwwof Morocco – Bouthrarar Tabout

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