The Patch

“The time has come to reclaim the stolen harvest, and celebrate the growing and giving of food as the highest gift and most revolutionary act” – Vandana Shiva

The Patch is a 1.76 acre site set amongst conventional agricultural fields in South Norfolk.  Upon purchasing The Patch in 2006 we had no idea what to do with it, only that having some land to grow some food some day was a nice idea.  More recently, and after completing our Permaculture Design Courses, we have become much more clear about our vision for The Patch.

“Essentially we would like this peace of land to serve as a demonstration project for some of the things that are possible using sustainable and regenerative techniques.”

“We now have a firm idea of what is possible with a small piece of land and although it will not provide self sufficiency or go all the way to feeding the population of the world it can serve as an example for some of the possibilities and nearing our goal of self reliance”.

Modern agriculture is decimating our countryside with it’s techniques and decimating our planet with it’s reliance on petroleum based fossil fuels.  Our water systems are becoming polluted and more and more of the food that’s available in large supermarkets is toxic and imported.

With the careful and intricate design process that permaculture teaches us we can move forward to a more harmonious existence on this planet.  Design allows us to work with nature and not against her, connecting mutually beneficial relationships within the landscape whilst building in resilience and diversity.

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A food forest is a another example of this.  It can become self regulating by cycling nutrients and resilient in disease defence.  Stacking an agricultural system vertically also allows for a much more productive output. The delicate layers remain much cooler in extreme hot weather and able to protect it’s more vulnerable species in times of harsh coldness.

At The Patch we have designed a food forest based on the teachings of Martin Crawford in his book Creating a Forest Garden

We recently hosted a Permaculture Design Course at the Patch.  Please see the blog for some pictures…