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La Premier…

So here’s my go at a little documentary.  Part 1 of our Wwoof to Oz adventure.

Next stop Spain…

Rooftop Hand Washing…

One of the goals outlined in my diploma project 3 is that we “get to Australia in the most environmentally responsible way”.  This will obviously affect our transport options, what we eat and what we buy.  In fact all of our actions have some knock on effect including what we use to wash with or how many plastic bags we have to refuse in one day.  We’ll be highlighting some of these decisions and other interesting topics in little video documentaries like this one…

Planning Granted!!!

Today we received the long anticipated news that our planning application was granted.  We’ve been checking almost daily to see if there has been any change on the online application and what a relief to see that it has all gone through ok.

Nice to see a reference to key design considerations and a special mention in the permission details for “Sustainable Development in Rural Areas – The Council was particularly mindful of the following matters: – scale, design and materials appropriate to use and location – impact on landscape. The simple form of the building is considered appropriate to its use and location on an agricultural holding. The site is well screened and remote from residential properties. The proposal will not impact on the wider rural landscape.”

The full application form, design statement, neighbour comments and decision status can be found here

Nimby nature

Recent objections to our planning application reviewed in a few short videos…

Ecocide – The 5th Crime against Peace

“ECOCIDE: the extensive destruction, damage to or loss of ecosystem(s) of a given territory, whether by human agency or by other causes, to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been severely diminished”.

Back in July this year I read an article in Permaculture Magazine about an amazing lady called Polly Higgins.  She is a barrister, author and the creator of a new law to protect the earth – Ecocide.  On 30th September there was a mock trial, Ecocide Vs Living Planet, in the UK Supreme Court.  The results of that can be viewed here (Link lost, changed to TED talk).  Find out what you can do here.

Forest Gardening by Robert Hart

I’ve just finished reading this amazing and insightful book by Robert Hart.  When learning about designing a food forest I kept hearing about how not to do it like Robert Hart did which intrigued me.  Mostly people have talked about his closed canopy temperate forest garden which didn’t allow much light to the lower layers.    I say that it’s a good job somebody didn’t do it perfectly as it has allowed the rest of us to learn from his non-perfect garden.  In this book however Robert talks in depth about his philosophies and world views with great suggestions and solutions whilst referencing some great work that I had not come across before.  A must read for perma-junkies or indeed anyone interested in world changing!

Somerset to Wales

After leaving the Burrowhill Cidery we visited the Willows & Wetlands Visitor Centre for an insight into the ancient craft of growing and harvesting willow for crafts and charcoal.  Another National Trust property later and we were in Wales to visit more friends, Gerd, Camilla and Lea.  They happened to live quite close to the Centre for Alternative Technology and so we also spent a day there…

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