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PDC at The Patch

The middle of June saw The Patch host it’s first PDC with Richard Perkins coming to teach in his unique style.  The yurt went up, the kitchen was built, the library installed and before we knew it there was more than 2o people pitched up for the next 3 weeks.  It was an incredible learning experience and one I was very glad to be part of.  Details of the internship to follow…

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Nina’s Medlar

At the beginning of June we planted a medlar tree for our new niece – Nina Eve. We decided to put it in with our vegetable garden using the principle of the things that are closest to zone 1 get the most attention.  The Patch is starting to look very nice and soon we’ll be welcoming our students for a Permaculture Design Course…

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May – results

In May we picked the first food grown from our seeds.  We were very happy indeed.  Seedlings were doing well and we even had some guests for dinner!  We mulched the new native edible hedge to suppress grass and weeds from outcompeting it and strimmed the food forest to provide mulch material.  Another gorgeous sunset too!…

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