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Starting our veg garden…

Our vegetable garden was made purely with what we could find mostly for free.  We gathered lots of cardboard to sheet mulch with.  We then collected hazel from the hedge rows on our lane and began to weave some raised beds.  We found more old fence posts and marked out our area – nice and close to the van and the shipping container.  On freecycle we came across as much rotten horse poo as we needed and we mixed that with comfrey.  It wasn’t long before we had our first packs of biodynamic seeds from Stormy Hall Seeds and were planting them.  A gate and some chicken wire kept out the deer and rabbits and we were away…

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Project Patch – January

Having returned from Australia with a firm idea of how to progress with The Patch the first thing was to dig some footings for the shipping container to be moved onto.  My sister also had a lovely contorted hazel that she wanted moving from the garden.

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