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Patch Update…

Happy new year everyone!  We have not heard anything yet from the council regarding our planning application but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.  More trees arrived from Martin Crawford at the end of November and we planted the remaining food forest specimens straight away.  We also got a bunch of shrub and understory soft fruit and various other interesting bushes which we planted too.  Using cardboard we heavily sheet mulched around each tree creating small guilds and covered over with plenty of 15 year old horse poo and then green waste top dressing for mulch.  This should hopefully kill back the grass whilst providing some extra organic material to our sandy soil whilst the fruit trees are establishing.  Work on the roof continued and we’re close to finishing off now. We’ve completed the turfing and put the weather boarding around the outside. A gutter for water catchment is all that’s needed to finish off.  It’s a strange feeling putting in so much work at the patch and to be leaving it all behind but on our return to England we will have some well established fruit trees hopefully.  Best news of all is that Nina and I booked our tickets to leave England and we’ll be heading off on our first leg to Australia by bus to Morocco in 2 weeks!  From there we’ll begin to plan the rest of our journey and we’ll be doing the first of our Wwoof to Oz exchanges.

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Project Report 1

Well I feel that I have finished my first project report ready for tutor and peer review.  After starting a couple of months later than the rest of the gang I have been slightly rushed but in keeping with the 80:20 rule it’s better to get the work in than spend another 80% of my time getting 20% more work done??? I could definitely tweak my CV and will be spending some time on that in the coming days.  It’s been a little stop start as the haven of my parents house which I had to myself to start this project is now full with people and concentrating was difficult.  Plus we are now fully immersed in The Patch with the roof to finish and plenty of trees to plant, mulch and support!  Watch this space for updates on the freshly planted food forest including lots of soft fruit, sea buckthorn and comfrey going in and this week we will be finishing the roof at last!!!

March – moving ahead

March came and we suddenly had lots and lots to do.  Firstly I marked out where all the trees in the food forest were going to be planted using stakes.  Then a whole bunch of trees were delivered from The Agroforestry Research Trust. The next day the guy came back to move the shipping container with more success than the first time.  We did a carboot sale and got rid of lots of unnecessary possessions.  Such a good feeling to feel lighter.  We erected a fence around the food forest and friends came from London to help plant hedging.  Our first veg box arrived and we saw Barny the owl.  We built a compost bay with free pallets and fence posts that were scavenged…

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