Can Coll – Process Reflection

Summarize how and why you organized this Project Output as presented (Reflect on your design, process, method and purpose):

I organised this PR in the same way that I have organised each of my other projects. I wanted it to be easy to follow by anybody so I have tried to explain each stage of the process. I used the familiar OBREDIM process for my deign which helps me to follow it in a logical order, tying the observations together before moving onto design.

How did this process go?

 I found that the process went very well indeed. I did my observational work on site whilst in Spain but I did the design work whilst in Italy. There was a few points that I needed to clarify and I ended up using information collected from the internet to achieve this. I was able to use all of my observational work well remotely which seems to prove to myself that they were sufficient however in future I would lie to design from onsite as I can also understand the benefits. Photos that I took and videos that I made also served as useful backups to check information.

What did you learn?

 I have learnt a huge amount which I will add to my 3P review. Major things that spring to mind are, how not to map (I would like to gain a better technical knowledge of mapping), Flora and Fauna in the Spanish Pyrenees, understanding different clients needs, lots about wet systems and aquaculture, time management and most importantly added confidence in creativity.

What tools did you use (An explanation of the technical side of creating this project report. What software did you use? What digital literacy was required to put this together)?

I used a mixture of digital photography and video with wordpress to preset my design. I used PDF books for research which saves me carrying books whilst travelling.

Did you find any people or tutorials particularly useful in creating this project report?

I found that there is not so much information available on creating wetland permaculture systems and certainly no comprehensive book that I came across. I did find the permaship website helpful, Beardy Pete’s added knowledge and a video by Erik Ohlsen on 6 reasons to get a pond.

How much time did you spend in creating this project report?

I spent a few hours a day for about 5 days doing my observations and analysing my resources etc whilst on site. I then spent all my spare time when volunteering over the course of a week and I have just spent a full time week doing the design process and typing it up so all in all a solid couple of weeks

How well have did you showcase your learnings in this project report? Would you consider this project report satisfactory if it was prepared by another person?

I feel that I have showcased a basic understanding of the type of system that I have tried to create but I understand that I still have a very long way to go if I want to present a more refined aquaculture system. I feel that I have shown how to put available resoucres to good use which serves as a deomstation for anybody with loads of stuff lying around

Any final reflections on your pathway integration and development?

This PR has been very rewarding as far as new learning goes. My pathway is made up of lots of different subjects and areas to cover and I feel that this has opened the door to new areas that I previously had interest in but no experience. I am keen to spend time implementing this project which is the area that I am lacking at the moment. Overall I am really happy with this project and I feel that with extra time and energy I can go deeper still in my learning of this area.

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