Can Coll – Goals Articulation

Lets talk aquaculture!

On discovery of the tanks I asked Dino and Amanda if they would like me to design them a system that could integrate some food crop and be a nice area for some of their guests to explore.

They were very interested but didn’t really want me to commit all my time at the farm to what seemed like a project for me and my diploma.  There was still work to be done on the farm in the day and this was priority.  I explained that I would follow my normal design process in my own time and there would be no obligation to follow through with what I cam up with.  They were happy with that and so I commenced a goals articulation discussion to establish their ideal scenario.  I could tell at this stage that Dino was already very excited about the prospect of “growing” fish and I only  had to drop in the words “wild rice” and Amanda was keen too.

So here are the goals based on that conversation, with a little prompting from me.

Establish an integrated aquaculture system to include the following;

  • Food
  • wildlife diversity
  • medicinal plants
  • aesthetically pleasing to visitors
  • low maintenance
  • water flow feature

A lot of our talking was done over the dinner table.  Dino’s cooking is amazing and he is very keen to produce more interesting food types to use in his cuisine.  He particularly mentioned expanding his vegetarian repertoire and use of fish or other water born creatures in his meals.

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