Can Coll – Appendix


(1) The Mediterranean Region – Biological Diversity in Space and Time Second Edition – Jacques Blondel, James Aronson, Jean-Yves Bodiou, and Gilles Boeuf
(2) How to grow perennial vegetables – Martin Crawford

For plant choice, research, ideas and design methods… – Tools for consumers and designers of solar – Beautiful Weather Graphs and Maps
BalkenEp – Ideas about aquaculture ponds and other useful info – info on ponds…
Permiesforum – forum for help
PermacultureUK forum – forum for help
LivingtheFrugalLife – blog with great info on willow hormone, bat boxes, acorns as chicken feed etc etc
Modernhomestead – info on acorns as chicken feed – Plants for a Future – Anthos

I used the Plants for a Future website to find useful and edible aquatics and then compared the family names of the species on the Anthos website to find a native alternative.

Intro to Permaculture – Bill Mollison
Permaculture  Two – Bill Mollison
Permaculture Designers Manual – Bill Mollison
Getting Food From Water – Gene Lodgeson
Edible Aquatic PLants – Appleseed Permaculture

You can see new skills and processes learnt on my 3P review page

Here are my notes, design concepts and scribbles…

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The next page is my process reflection

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