Goals Articulation

First step towards design is understanding our goals.  We did this in a thought shower (on the previous page) which also turned out to include ideas and needs.

To get back to our goals I have listed them below.  Our goals for this project, in no particular order are;

  • to get to Australia in the most environmentally responsible way
  • to have fun, enjoy the experience and remain healthy
  • to learn about other cultures and peoples way of life
  • to gain new practical skills and traditional understandings
  • to use skills and resources as a gift or exchange
  • to engineer opportunities to incorporate my diploma
  • to express creativity
  • to Wwoof in each country we pass through
  • to connect with wilderness and natural surroundings
  • to inform and report on important and interesting topics
  • to remain within our allocated funds
  • to spend some time with friends and family
  • to support one another, honour ourselves and harmonise our needs

This journey is primarily about getting to Australia although it presents an opportunity to stack functions and incorporate ambitions and opportunities.  When we looked again at these goals it became clear that there is only one goal and the list above are all offshoots of this one vision;

to travel from England to Australia whilst honouring the three permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair share.

Below is an umbrella of where each goal fits in relation to the ethics, most of them are relevant to more than one ethic.

We then took each goal and created the mind map below which gives us ideas of how we might achieve each goal, what action can be taken and what opportunities they present.  We will continue to look at this as new ideas manifest themselves.

When we started to look at how we might achieve each goal it became clear that we can functionally interconnect actions for multiple effects.  We realised that there will be hundreds of opportunities to stack functions.  This is an exciting prospect only limited by our creativity.

For example the goal of creating opportunities for diploma projects can also fulfil the desire to wwoof in every country, which leads to the opportunity to document our trip digitally, which helps our goal of a creative experience and enables us to learn skills whilst gaining new cultural understandings.

The links within the mind map above demonstrate this more effectively than words can describe.

I will be consciously entwining different possibilities within this design once we have looked at our resources, boundaries and needs.

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