I can’t really give a clear indication of how much time I have spent on this design.  In regard to writing it all up on the website I would say I have spent a full time week.  Nina and I have spent a lot of extra time researching our plans and contacting people.  To be quite frank, we are spending every minute of each day since leaving England considering our every action, the knock on effects an opportunities that are presented to us so I will not try and quantify them any further.


WordPress for blogging
OpenOffice for writing
Google documents for our control document
Ableton Live for music creation
Soundcloud for new music
Youtube for video uploaded

Man in Seat 61 to research travel to Morocco
Morocco Rough Guide to research Morooco
ebook of Lonely Planet to research Morocco
Wwoof Italty to search for potential hosts
Wwoof France to search for potential hosts
Wwoof Spain to search for potential hosts
Wwoof Greece to search for potential hosts
Wwoof Independents to search for potential hosts
Thorntree Forum to research travel insurance
PermacultureGlobal for research on PC Projects
Google maps for checking route information
Google translate for interpreting foreign host responses


Morocco rough Guide
Artist Way
Lonely Planet
The Biochar Debate

Indulgence & Inspiration 

Bill mollsions audio books on aquaculture 1 -17
Turtles Can Fly (Film)
Bill Cunningham New York (Doco)
Twin Peaks (TV Series)

During our design work it became apparent that although we are able to match my skills to wwoofs and projects Nina did not have a clear way of doing the same and so she also put together a flex.  We will use it in the same way.

Here is also a document that Nina put together regarding our choice of products

Health and Beauty for Travel

You can also find videos and blogs about our journey on the blog page of the website.

Some photos of our time in Essaouira, doing design work, eating local food, reporting on rubbish on the beach, morning pages,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the Peer review for this PR by Sam richie_peer_rev.  I have responded to each suggestion or critical review to show how i accept and interact with feedback loops.

Here is my tutor review with highlighted areas showing areas I have responded to feedback loops OR3Richie

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