Project Report 3 – Overland to Oz (The Journey)


On 23rd January Nina and I will be embarking on a trip of a lifetime.  Nina is Australian and has been living mostly in the UK for the last 5 years.  We feel it is time to head to Australia and forge a life together there.  We are both keen travellers and love to experience and learn from other cultures and it’s peoples.  We are also very aware of the huge impact that air travel is having on our planet and we are keen to make the journey with minimal air travel and hopefully none at all.  This presents the opportunity of travelling over land and sea and with little or no deadlines.  This design therefore is a travel design from the UK to Australia.

Taking into consideration the 3 permaculture ethics.

Earth care – we will be designing the most light footed approach to the journey.  Is there scope here to make our journey carbon neutral or at least offset our footprint along the way or on arrival in Australia?

People care – We hope to Wwoof and work along the way ensuring mutual exchange and cultural exploration.  Can we use Couchsurfers, HospitalityClub or the Permaculture Global website to meet with people and share ideas, experiences and cultural values?

Fair share – Are there projects we can become involved in as we travel, giving something back to countries who accommodate us?  Can we share ideas and views on ways  to live and be of benefit to the wider community of the world?

Here’s the first mind map of our goals and ideas

The next page looks at our goals articulation

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