Process Reflection

Summarise how and why you organized this Project Output as presented. Reflect on your design, process, method and purpose.

I decided to organise this Project Report in a logical and orderly way, it can hopefully be read through and understood by anyone and maybe it can serve as a tool for other people who may try and use a design process to plan a period of their lives that are particularly full. I used a timeline to visually show a forward motion. It was easy to plot goals, tasks, needs and achievements in a way that was encouraging and yet changeable.

How did this process go?

The process was very effective and once Nina and I decided on our goals we were able to see clearly the cause and effect we were having and our next achievable steps.  The day the we stopped writing our tasks in a list from had very positive results.  We found that “mind maps” and “next achievable steps” was a more effective way of visually looking at our goals.

These new visual tools gave us feedback loops and ways of checking in with our goals and each task achieved opened a new opportunity to move forward.

Our situation was ever changing and we had to respond to changes in circumstance, health and family expectations.  There were some original goals that we had to let go of as we rationalised our time.  It became apparent that we had been a little too idealistic and over stretched ourselves with some promises that we couldn’t keep.  Here’s a list of what didn’t get done;

  • design for The Chapel, Woody and Shrubb
  • meet up with Benny & Emilou
  • meet up with Big Richie
  • cuttings of soft fruit from Shrubb
  • secure the fence with extra stakes
  • filters on IBC’s
  • cover the Podge
  • arrange travel insurance
  • cardboard the alders
  • top mulch over poo

What did you learn?

I learn how I can manage time in an organised way ensuring that as many people’s need are met as possible. I also learnt new technical skills and pushed my edges in areas of practical skills such as building and creating guilds.

What tools did you use? (An explanation of the technical side of creating this project report. What software did you use? What digital literacy was required to put this together?)

I used a mixture of digital photography, wordpress, google sketchup, the government planning portal, ableton live, virtual DJ and the internet.

Did you find any people or tutorials particularly useful in creating this project report?

I found that my skype meet up with Richard Perkins was valuable in boosting my confidence n certain areas. My guild meeting with my peers was useful. Nina and my immediate family and friends were essential to meeting the goals and without their help this design would not have been possible.

How much time did you spend in creating this project report?

This was a full time project for more than two months. It was about living out our ideas in a way that contributed towards meeting ours goals. The benefits will be received long into the future.

How well have did you showcase your learnings in this project report? Would you consider this project report satisfactory if it was prepared by another person?

I still feel that I could explain and demonstrate some areas of the project in more depth but I find it satisfactory in explaining the process undertaken

Any final reflections on your pathway integration and development?

Overall this project has been an extremely import and empowering experience. Nina and I have left England full of excitement and a great deal of satisfaction that we acheieved all we set out to achieve in our last weeks in the country. We have learn new key skills and had rich times with friends and family, full of fun and laughter. We did manage to get ill and so more rest time and forward planning may have helped but overall we are really happy with our achievements and the Patch looks great!

I especially valued the incredible connection and learning from the time spent with family and friends.  For me leaving England was particularly hard and symbolic and it was very important that I spent some time with each and every person who plays a part in my life.  The evening of family history, the visit to the coast, the night at the Barrel and Shrubb for new year were all valuable experiences.  I loved taking Dad to the Rugby match with Paul and Jonny.  I loved Mum and Dad’s visit to the Patch.  I loved visiting Nina Phyllis and taking Nana and Granddad lunch.  It was probably hard for my parents at times with us packing away and obviously moving abroad but they were extremely supportive and a special admiration and love for the way in which they had helped us on this journey.

Thank you Mum and thank you Dad

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