PR2 – Goals Articulation

It’s extremely important to both Nina and I to leave England with peace of mind and a sense that we have not left any dregs behind for friends and family to deal with.  Here is a list of key goals we wish to achieve before setting foot on our first bus to Morocco;

  • Leave the Patch in a complete and tidy state with the focus being long term permanence in relation to the survival of our trees and  the protection of our infrastructure.
  1. Plant remaining trees, soft fruit and shrubs
  2. Protect and stake each tree
  3. Sheet mulch all trees and hedging (creating guilds where possible)
  4. Finish the roof including making nice the edges and adding a filter and gutter
  5. Add water tanks and downpipes
  6. Plant comfrey, beneficial insect plants and mineral miners
  7. Add soft fruit cuttings from Shrubb
  8. Put vegetable garden to sleep to stop weeds taking over
  9. Secure fence with additional stakes and chicken wire
  10. Save seeds
  11. Fill hedging gaps
  12. Clear debris, tidy and make nice the whole site
  13. Have a symbolic bonfire
  • To have spent quality time with friends and family – This should include quality time and experience rather than just the day to day living and working under the same roof.
  1. Birthday party in London
  2. Family Christmas
  3. Boxing Day leaving party and afternoon at the Moore’s
  4. New Years Eve at Rikki’s and Shrubb
  5. Communal dinners at Shrubb
  6. Working bee at the Patch with family and friends
  7. A night in Norwich
  8. Nina to visit Brigitte and Angelo
  9. Visit to Nana Phyllis
  10. Time with Nana & Granddad
  11. Beer with Big Richie
  12. Visit to Benny & Emliou’s Patch

  • Raise enough money to fund our trip – Can we be creative in raising funds.  How much will we need and where will it come from?

  • Move out of the temporary room at the Chapel – Leaving it as we found it or even better, completely empty for my parents to redecorate and “reclaim”.

  • Downsize material possessions – with only a little space to claim in my parents loft we need to sell, give away or dispose of many material items including returning borrowed items.

  • Organise record collection – at present my vinyl record collection is massive (maybe 1000 records).  With limited storage available I need to decided which records to keep, clean them and sort them.  I will have to clean, label and list for sale the remaining records.

  • Organise onward travel – we must decided when we are going to leave England and organise the journey whilst the prices are still low.
  1. Book National Express to London
  2. Book onward travel to Morocco

  • Performance and celebration – I am keen to spend time with friends organising social events and hopefully a leaving party.  I would like to make time for meals, and relaxation with friends also.

  • Research & acquire appropriate equipment for travel – Another job that we should not leave to the last minute.

  • Research essential travel information – Do we need any insurance, health checks or visas etc?

  • Technical stuff – update our computers, make sure we have all information to take with us.  Take a backup of our information before we leave.

  • Remain healthy but focused – try to do all the above whilst not burning ourselves out is super important.
  • Take some time to do meaningful things together – the Patch will provide an area to connect but also we should make sure we have some change of seen and take some walks in the forest or the beach.
We both took some time to scribe our goals which turned out to be a little like a “to do” list but it was helpful to see in a visual format what lies ahead in the coming weeks;

Nina’s Goodbye/Hello Mindmap


Richie’s Goals Mindmap

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