Design & Implement

As this project focuses on a journey through time , including deadlines and a departure date, I’ve decided to show my design as an overall timeline.  I have compiled a separate sub-design for completing the tasks at the Patch.  This will feed into the main timeline.

It starts on December 5th 2011 and we have decided that our projected leaving date is January 5th 2012 to enjoy time with family and friends over the festive period.  This means that our design and implementation will take place over a one month period.

Most of the design focuses on the boring but necessary “to do” list format and many “to do’s” cannot be done until a previous “chore” or “task” is fulfilled.  For this I will demonstrate the principle of “patterns to detail“.  Our pattern is our continual movement forward through time, completing each detail, enabling us another step towards our departure date.

We will stack functions in every way possible ensuring we are making best use of our time.  Minimum effort for maximum effect.  This is visable using the key shown on the Timeline Design.  We will observe and interact with our plan systematically each day to identify our next achievable steps.

When any tasks are complete we will mark them on the timeline and make note of the knock-on effect.  We will respond towards change in circumstances and energy levels as they become apparent.

Here’s the sub-design for the Patch including goals, resources, boundaries and the implementation order;

All of the tasks were then fed into our timeline… Our timeline includes a key to show needs fulfilled, skills acquired and income accumulated;

Key skills from my skills flex can be achieved through all of the actions over our timeline plus there is scope for unidentified skills also;

  • Technical drawing for the planning application
  • Google sketchup software
  • Understanding planning laws/planning portal
  • Time management/people management
  • Sheet Mulching/Guild creation
  • Seed saving
  • Natural building/living roofs
  • Water collection/filtering
  • Humility/asking for help
  • Adaptability/flexibility
  • 80/20 rule of “doing”
  • Supporting one another through difficult circumstances
  • Tool use
  • Pushing edges
  • Cultural sensitivity

The planning application for the structure that we have erected needed research into planning laws, new skills in technical drawing and google setchup and the correct format of submission.  My blog can be found here

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