Time spent on this project report was immeasurable.  Nina and I have been living it for more than two months.  Noting down times like in PR1 would not really be that useful or beneficial to me.  It seems that doing design work outside of my “normal life” would be counteractive towards my goals.  I’m hoping that design will become second nature to living my life and so incorporating it into every day seems more effective.  Therefore the timing is irrelevant.


WordPress for blogging
Google Sketchup for planning application
Government Planning Portal for planning application
OpenOffice for writing

The Artists Way – I started this tutorial creativity book along with some other Diploma peers and I’m finding it very useful in “putting pen to page”

For Selling Items

eBay to sell items
Facebook to sell items
Gumtree to sell items
Discogs to catalogue sell records

For research on travel

Man in Seat 61 to research travel to Morocco
Morocco Rough Guide to research Morooco
ebook of Lonely Planet to research Morocco
Wwoof Italty to search for potential hosts
Wwoof France to search for potential hosts
Wwoof Spain to search for potential hosts
Wwoof Greece to search for potential hosts
Wwoof Independents to search for potential hosts
Thorntree Forum to research travel insurance
Steripen Website used for research on water filtration used for research on water bottle
National Express
Rail Europe

For Creation

Ableton Live for music creation
Virtual DJ for DJing
Soundcloud for new music for advise on guilds and seed broadcasting


Beautiful time spent with beautiful ladies

Granddad showing me some old pictures of fond memories

Going through the Farmbrough family tree with Mum

Our family tree, starting in the year 1250!

My Granddad and recently introduced, Nana Phyllis

My Great Great Grandfather & Great Great Grandmother

An old family home in Buckinghamshire

My Great Great Great Grandparents

A lovely family evening

Nice one sister

Nina making Baclava – what a treat!

Her mother would be proud of her

Nina seed saving and making christmas seed packets

Stow Bedon nature walk

It was fresh!

Me and Granddad in his garden

Maybe I do take after him a bit

Family day seal spotting on the Norfolk coast

Good old Farmbrough christmas dinner coming right up!

Nana and Granddad at christmas

The church they were married in!

Nina and I sorting christmas gifts, much food and seeds!

Nina making christmas Kourambiethes!

Her mum will be even more proud now!

A birthday bottle of mead

A birthday breakfast

Pheoebe enjoyed it!

Watching Phoebe in the school play

Community meal at Shrubb

A visit to see Nana Phyllis

Items we sold

The Carboot Sale

The record clear out

The Van sold eventually

Nina’s old camera

My Studio Monitors

My Beloved Mixer

Nina’s broken laptop

4 Piece bedroom furniture

Next Achievable Steps

Journal Extracts

Here you can find a Tutor Review by Richard Perkins Richie

And here you can find a peer review by Sue Project Report 2 for Richie

Here you can find my Guild Meeting notes from Sam richieminutes

Go to the Co-Creation page

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