Analyse & Assess


Up against it

It’s clear that looking at our goals presents us with a huge mountain to climb in a short period of time. Nina and I can be very ambitious and sometimes idealistic about our achievements and will will need to check in with each other and our goals to make sure they are realistic and feasible.

We have approximately 5 weeks until we would like to leave England. Coincidentally over that period falls my birthday and the Christmas and New year period. This is usually a time when many friends from far and wide come back to visit Norfolk. This gives a great opportunity to catch up with folk we haven’t seen for a while and are not likely to see again for some time.  At the same time it creates a distraction and I know from past experience that I find it hard to resist party time and social visits.

Through December it will be cold and we may only have limited periods of time in  which to complete work at the Patch.  We will have to plan our days carefully and in tune with the weather.  I will show the  design for completing the Patch tasks as a sub-design.

The Big Downsize

A major consideration for our goal of downsizing our material possessions is that whatever we decided to leave in the UK either has to fit into a small space in our parents loft or into a perishable situation in our shipping container. We will need to assess what’s worth selling or giving away and what is worth storing for future use – shall we keep pots and pans for cooking as these will not rot? Should we store bedding or linen in the shipping container where mice will surely inhabit it? Will I need my turntables in Australia and if not should I sell them for extra travel funds or keep them stored for the future?


  • The weather will prove a limitation for when we are able to work at the Patch.  We will need to plan our days carefully.

  • Time is a boundary for us, although we do not have any fixed date as yet and so there is some flexibility on a leaving date.

  • Our health – at present Nina is unwell and our health is essential to moving forward.  Although we have a projected leaving date it’s not set in stone and it would be more effective to depart a week later and in a healthy state rather than on time but burnt out.
  • Our finances are a constraint as we are no longer receiving an income for our efforts.  We need funds to live, buy necessary equipment for our journey, to fund the projected plans for the Patch and some socialising.
  • Personal space – We are currently living in a room at The Chapel with parents.  We are aware that our activities and state of mind have direct impact on the harmony of the household and their lives.  We will need to respond and interact accordingly.


One of our key goals is to accumulate enough money to fund our journey.  This contributes towards the resources of PR3 – The Journey ahead.  Here is a list of our projected income , what we have already, and what is possible in the coming weeks.  It’s important that we do not not rely on one or two forms of income. Here is where our principle of redundancy is important.  If one stream of income fails we have many other options – a back up.  We will also stack functions by selling material possessions.  Here we will raise funds and also fulfil our goals of downsizing our possessions plus clearing and packing away goods to leave a tidy space behind.

Ok, possible incomes include;

  • remote university work by Nina – $1500 (achieved)
  • music festival earnings – £2500 (achieved)
  • sale of truffles/drinks at music festivals – £900 (achieved)
  • gardening work for Sam Yeoman Landscapes – £2000 (achieved)
  • car boot sales – £200?
  • personal injury/loss of earnings claim from van accident – £3000?
  • sale of van – £2000?
  • sale of music equipment/broken laptop – £500?
  • sale of bedroom furniture – £350?
  • ongoing sale of records – £1000? – a slow and steady solution
The money will be split between UK banks, Australian banks, personal cash and a steady income for records via paypal.Below I have listed more resources to help complete the design;
  • The Van – invaluable to collecting resources, travelling to meet people, selling and trading items.
  • The Chapel – my parents house. Thanks to them we will be warm for the coming weeks and have a place to use the internet when planning our onward journey.

  • Internet and our laptops – vital for research and planning and selling items online

  • Shrubb – our friends at Shrubb have been extremely welcoming in allowing us to stay there if we need time away from the family environment.

  • Friends & Family – hopefully we can call on some favours/exchanges and ask for a bit of help where needed, mainly with physical stuff at the Patch.


It’s important to remember our needs in time of manic preparation. Some times is easy to go full steam ahead and forget our needs and the things that help us to remain grounded and focused and healthy. Over the coming weeks we should allow time for the following needs;

  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Family & friends
  • Music/creativity
  • Nature
  • Vipassana
  • Celebration
  • Diploma time
  • Stability
  • Privacy/solitude
  • Nurturing
  • Organisation
  • Support/help/assistance

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