Project Report 2 – Overland to Oz (Getting Away)

“If you’re moving back home after living in the UK, experts reckon you start thinking about it three months before you say your final farewell.”

TNT Magazine. Oct 2011.


This project report is a design for leaving England.

I’ve chosen to break down a larger project into two more manageable projects. It incorporates what’s going on in my life at this moment, the preparation and planning of an overland adventure to Australia with my my partner Nina.  We imagine that the journey ahead will take 12 to 18 months as we are keen not to fly.  We will take the opportunity to move through as many countries as possible, interacting, learning and enjoying the experience on route to Oz.  When we arrive in Australia we intent to settle and forge a life for ourselves there.

As our deadline/departure date comes ever nearer it’s clear that the remaining time spent in England needs to be organised and meaningful.  This design will concentrate on “getting away” and making sure that we leave prepared, fulfilled and having completed our projected tasks for 2011.

As I am undertaking this journey in partnership with Nina, much of this project will be co-created.  I will be asking for her ideas and input as much as listening to my own intuition.

My Project Report 3 will be a design of the journey ahead which we intend to plan once we we arrive in Morocco.

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