Times, Resources & Journal

Here is a list of the resources I have used to compile my first project;

WordPress for the website
InDesign for making website graphics
Xmind for the Skill Flex
Audacity for recording my audio journal
Ableton for making music
Soundcloud for presenting music
OpenOffice for drafting my writing


Website development and graphics – 44 hours

Skillflex – 4 hours

Integral theory – 3 hours

Life review (including staring into space) – 11 hours

Action learning pathway – 3 hours

Displaying supporting info – 5 hours

Procrastination – lost count how many hours…

I have started to record my journal as audio.  I used my computer but found this is not always available when I want to record so I will get a hold of portable recording device as I find the process much easier to record that to write.  Here’s some snippets…


Here are some other journal entries…

Plus here’s more working and stuff…

Here is my tutor feedback including action taken demonstrating feedback loops Richie_PR1 with action

Here is my peer feedback from Matt Richie PR1 feed back

Summary of Skills growth from PR1

Writing, both reflective & prose
the following software;
WordPress for the website
InDesign for making website graphics
Xmind for the Skill Flex
Audacity for recording my audio journal
Ableton for making music
Soundcloud for presenting music
OpenOffice for drafting my writing

Time management
Integral theory

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