Appendix III – Supporting Info

In August 2010 I completed my PDC in York.  I also stayed for an extra week to help establish some raised beds, a tree nursery and build some a compost toilet.

Here’s a bunch of photo’s from the PDC I attended

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You can also follow my blog.  It’s a place to keep up to date with my diploma, our overland travels, the Patch and any other fun and interesting subjects I might like to share.

In June 2011 we also hosted our first PDC at The Patch.  It was an amazing experience taught by Richard Perkins with 20 students coming to camp for the 2 weeks.  We also had a 1 week internship in which we built a water catchment roof. I game a talk on the design of our food forest and generally helped to keep things running smoothly.  Here’s some photo’s

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