Action Learning Pathway

The Action Learning Pathway will give me the initial direction that I need to understand areas of interest, along with skills that I would like to gain with potential projects.  It’s a way of projecting forward aspirations and identifying opportunities.  My pathway cannot be clear-cut at this time, as I actually do not know of my whereabouts during our travel to Australia.  I can however outline skills I would like to learn along the way.

I know that I will need to design my life and our travel plans before much of the other projects can begin to take place.


In order to establish my pathway I first need to look at my goals.  What do I want to achieve not just in the coming 2 years but what am I working towards?

Co-creation of my life with Nina
Co-creation of our travel plans
Getting to Australia
How might our life be in Australia?
What source of income will we have?
Where will we find shelter?
What skills do I currently have?
What skills do I need to develop?

Personal Vision

By the end of my Diploma I would like to be multi skilled and confident at using design in my everyday life.  I would like to have used permaculture on varying projects and I am working towards the possibility of completing my Permaculture Project Aid Course when I arrive in Australia.  This would give me the grounds to travel into areas of the world that would benefit from design with a view to helping communities support themselves rather than relying on exporting their resources.


My Action Learning Pathway should incorporate every aspect of my immediate goals plus aspirations for the future.  My first observation is that I would like to re-design my life.  This should involve introspection of which my life review will be of use.

Deriving from this life design will come a design to travel overland to Australia.  This trip is imminent and will involve co-creation with Nina.  We will be travelling together although not always with one another depending on our individual pursuits.  This makes some of the projects I will be working on unknown at this time but I will endeavour to seek opportunities that allow me to absorb skills underlined in my flex.

My next observation is that The Patch will need further design work mostly to understand how the project will move forward without our presence in the immediate future.

I work best in a non-distracting environment when I am writing but I develop practical skills much better in a group situation when I can bounce ideas off other people and vice versa.  Motivation is difficult when I am just sitting in front of a computer alone.

I will need support from Nina throughout this learning process and I am sure she is open to helping me along the way.  Equally I would like to support her in the same manner therefore I will look to design her needs into my pathway.

I would like to present my work in different formats and media expression to gain further knowledge of these techniques.  I also see an opportunity to specialise in some skills to be of more value in a particular field whilst I realise that keeping many options open is important.


Outlined in my Skill Flex are skills that I currently have plus ones that I would like to develop (resources I have now and ones I will have soon) .  The internet is an incredible resource not just for information but also in looking for people and places and projects that I could collaborate with.  This in turn will provide more resource.  Within the Diploma framework I am part of a guild of other students designed to help and support one another.  Whilst travelling to Australia I may also be able to collaborate in Thailand or China.  I also have a vast amount of ebooks and documentaries provided to me by Richard, whom I would like to think is a resource too.  Nina and I are resources to one another and provide inspiration and edge pushing opportunities.

Here is my ALP vesion 1.0.  I say version one, as I’m sure it will change and adapt as I do in the coming months.

Project outlines

Life Design – Here I will look at every aspect of my life.  Health, ethics, spirit, relationships, travel, income, community etc.

Travel Design – Nina and I are due to travel overland to Australia in the near future.  This design will involve co-creation with Nina.  This could shape future projects and they will be done along the way somewhere.

The Old Chapel – This is my parent’s house.  They have just retired and are keen to develop their garden to be more productive with a minimum amount of effort.  Currently is a very aesthetically pleasing property with not much output and a lot of hard work.

Shrub – This is a commune where some friends live.  It’s an old farmhouse set in over an acre with about 15 people living there.  They already grow quite a lot of food and are looking for creative ideas to organise the outdoor area and save money on energy.  They are open to having courses and workshops.

Woody’s Garden – This is a small piece of land outside a carpentry workshop on Woody’s family property.  There are quite a few restrictions here and it will be interesting to see how far we can push good ideas at a sensitive property.

Projects on route – This could be a three or four project that I seek out in advance or simply stumble across on route to Australia.  They will incorporate key skill needs and I hope to spend six to nine months working alongside some experienced people in regeneration, earthworks and community building as well as a whole host of other skills.

Life in Oz – This will involve designing our life one we arrive – maybe in advance of arriving in Australia.  This again could be another co-creation with Nina and could be part of evaluating our life design.

Project Aid Course – This is a course I came across in Oz before and couldn’t afford to do it.  I hope to design a way of affording it and also a design of what to do with the new skills once I complete it.


Implementation of this first design, my learning pathway will take place in a quite sporadic way.  Nina and I are leaving the country very soon and all systems go on the pack up and move out.  My learning pathway will be changing very soon and version 2 looks to incorporate unknown projects whilst travelling to Australia making implementation quite mysterious.

Next achievable steps


I came on to the Diploma a couple of months after the other members of my guild and so I feel I have been rushing through some of the work.  A great tool that I should mention at this point though is the 80:20 rule.  I have got 80% of the work done in 20% of the time which means that I can move on quicker and reflect back at this project.

Here is my Appendix

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