Project Report 1

Synopsis/Goals Articulation

My place in the world now

At present I am in Norfolk with a beautiful partner and access to our very own piece of land.  After completing our Permaculture Design Certificates, Nina and I have become more clear and confident as to what to do with The Patch.  We currently have no permanent abode but are keen to travel the world in the near future with a planned overland trip to Australia.  We have attempted to clear down our lives from meaningless possessions in recent months and our focus now concentrates on more meaningful pursuits.  Nina is from Australia and we have decided that we will spend some years there when we arrive.

Reason for doing the diploma

I have decided to do this Diploma to give myself a framework for progressing further with Permaculture Design.  I would like to become more confident in skilled areas and push my edges in areas of my life that have not received so much attention up to now.  I would like design to become second nature so that every aspect of my life can be positive and meaningful.  I would like to be part of the solution and provide help and assistance to people and cultures around the world as well as my immediate community.

Intentions/Goals (in no particular order)

  • Be my best self
  • Provide love and support to Nina
  • Connect
  • Understand skills to develop
  • Push edges
  • Reflect and remember
  • Teach others
  • Be the solution
  • Gain direction
  • Understand patterns
  • (Un)learn
  • Stack functions
  • Recognise opportunities
  • Have fun
  • Develop The Patch
  • Travel lightly


I feel that I have a massive amount of resources available.  The Action Learning Pathway connects me to Peers and Guilds and together we can provide support and resources to one another.  The Patch is a great resource for experimenting with design and application.  I have access to a huge amount of reading material and documentaries.  I have a computer for working online and currently have independent transport too.  I will outline specific skills in my flex document.  I have time on my hands and intend to dedicate my foreseeable future towards my diploma pathway.

A possible constraint, or lets say problem, is easily turned into a solution.  Nina and I will be travelling overland to Australia in the coming months and for the best part of my diploma.  I was worried at first that this would clash with study but instead I will use it as an opportunity to firstly design that journey and secondly to find projects on route that would benefit from my design work.  A problem = a solution.

Long-term goals

I hope to live and happy and meaningful life with Nina.  I foresee us living in Australia and establishing a project there that will go some way towards supporting us and the community around us.  I would like to move around the world contributing to solutions, helping to regenerate exploited or devastated areas.  I would like The Patch to be a demonstration of what is possible with a small parcel of land and I hope that it can provide my family and friends with some high quality food long into the future.

read my Life Review

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