“We need to set about, in an orderly, sensible, and cooperative way, a system of replacing power-centred politics and political hierarchies with a far more flexible, practical, and information-centred system responsive to research and feedback, and with long- term goals of stability. And we need to do this in an ethical and non-threatening way, so that the transition to a cooperative (versus conflicting) global society is creative (not destructive).”

Strategies for an Alternative Nation, Chapter 14 of Bill Mollison’s Permaculture: A Practical Guide for a Sustainable Future (Washington, D.C., Island Press, 1990)

On the following pages you will find my Diploma portfolio.  The Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design is an action learning framework to guide me on my pathway of permablitzing my life, the land and the world around me.  The following pages are constantly evolving, as I am, on this journey.

Project Report 1 – Life Review & Learning Pathway

Project Report 2 – Overland to Oz (Getting Away)

Project Report 3 – Overland to Oz (The Journey)

Project Report 4 – Can Coll

IMG_5938Project Report 5 – The Patch

IMG_2412Project Report 6 – Faifoli

IMG_6779Project Report 8 – Philipps Road