The Shared – 3rd January 2014


4 responses to “The Shared – 3rd January 2014

  1. WOW sounds great sorry we cant be there lol xx

  2. So stoked for you Rich! We will be there with bells on x

  3. !!! wowzas i take it your the veg soundy!! have a great time x x x

    HAppy SUNshine Filled Christmas!! x x x xx

    • Hey Tarna, Hope you is all good and keeping warm at la shrubb. Did you know that shrubb is an old drink? maybe that’s what the farm is named after? Well I’m not the veggy sound system no, I’m Gypsy Fingerz. The Veg Sound System guys are wicked tho!! First gig in Oz. Should be a laf!

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