A few days ago and exactly 17 months after leaving Norfolk we landed on the Australian shore of Darwin in the Northern Territory. What a relief! We are so happy that we made it – our flightless journey from England to Australia.

Since leaving Kupang in Indonesia we past through our 20th country, Timor-Leste.

It was the roughest part of the trip. Swollen seas. Wind on the nose all the way. Compromised equipment and a few unforeseen events including colliding with an unknown object in the night, a 48 hour round trip back to the Timor-Leste capital. Repairs. Despair. Expense. When we finally entered the Timor Sea things were bouncy to say the least.

On entering Australian waters we had customs fly over to warn us and to greet us. Dolphins at the hull and a stunning Aussie sunset followed before glimpsing the lighthouse at Point Fourcroy.

Thank you so so so much to Keith and Lea for having us on board Tientos for the last month. Thank you also to all the amazing people that have helped us along the way, you know who you are. And by far the biggest thank you of all – thank you Nina for being the most perfect person in the world to travel and adventure with. You are amazing!

Hello Australia we are here. Please give us the best!

9 responses to “Australia!

  1. Congratulations Nin and Rich! What an incredible achievement. You guys are truly amazing and inspirational. Welcome to Australia xxxx

  2. woo hoo you made it! What an acheivement . Looking forward to seeing you soon on stradbroke.. xxxmarion

  3. Phoebe (niece)

    So glad you made it there safely i love you phoebe x x x x x

  4. Well done, my lovelies,so glad you achieved what you set out to do, we are so proud of you, keep safe on your last bit, hugs and kisses M and D x x

  5. Whoehoeeeeee! Congratulations strong team you are! Truly amazing stories…. and now you made it. Amen.

  6. woop thats incredible, what an adventure love you both x x x

  7. Janet Tregear

    Thats awesome news, congratulations to you both….you are truly inspirational and amazing.Love Janet and rainy suffolk xx

  8. dear richard and nina well done i am so proud of you, what stories you will be able to tell, i will be so pleased to see you and listen to them all stay stafe congratulations, lots of love pat and bill godparentsxxxxxxxxxx

  9. happy greetings for landing to your destination!!! Keep us in touch when you’re starting som new blogs. You’re both amazing people and I’m very pleased to read/see about your live adventure…

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