Lombok to Kupang

I write from Kupang where we have landed after 9 days at sea with our hosts onboard Tientos, Keith and Lea. We’ve had a mixed bag of calm and lumpy seas, wind on the nose and not too many chances to open the sails out fully.

630 nautical miles. 3 nightwatches. 3 anchorages. Volcanoes, Komodo dragons, new knots, amazing food, occasional sleep, lots of reading, kayaks to shore, boules on the beach, a birthday, deserted islands and coral reef. But no fish for dinner yet!

We will be here in Kupang for a few days whilst we complete paperwork to clear out of Indonesia. Our next stop will be Dili in East Timor before the crossing to Darwin.

Check out Nina’s blog for all the shenanigans onboard…

5 responses to “Lombok to Kupang

  1. Well done. Ship ahoy etc etc. Great experience.

  2. Great photos, brilliant experience, glad you found your sea legs, safe sailing, love M xxx

  3. wow wow wooo! fantastic what an adventure, nice to see your lovley faces too x x x

  4. Looks amazing though am sure not without its challenges 🙂 You have a hot girlfriend Richie! x

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