Sailing Home


Out of office reply: Gone Sailing.

We apologise as we are currently unable to respond to your emails. We are onboard the Tientos with Lea and Keith bound for Darwin, Australia via Komodo and Kupang, Indonesia and and Dili, Timor-Lieste.

We are in capable and experienced hands and very much looking forward to the voyage, with our dream of flightless travel from England to Australia intact.

Wish us luck


5 responses to “Sailing Home

  1. good luck! may your water journey be smooth and untroubled love Marion

  2. so pleased for you both have a wonderfull journey to darwin lots of love pat and billxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. So stoked for you guys that you have turned the dream into a reality. Safe sailing x

  4. Hooray! And ahoy!

  5. Great news,all prayers have been answered,safe travels,love Ma and Pa xx

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