So long China

After two months holed up in Dali we finally set off south yesterday and into Laos. Dali provided a welcome break on our long push to Australia as well as plenty of opportunities to relax, DJ, eat amazing food and not to mention the great people we enjoyed good times with.

So long Dali, thank you. Thank you Vivi for having us. Thank you Scott and Carl and all you Bad Monkey crew for our DJ residency. Thank you Chenli and Charlie for putting up with us. Be careful Andy, no really, be safe. Nice partying with you Peter, get well soon Fabrizio. Good luck with the dancing Saphire. Look after that english lad Hao. Bye bye Juan. Good luck Sam and farewell YoYo, look after each other. A gallery of good times in Dali…

4 responses to “So long China

  1. are you really leave Sam and continue the way only you both?

  2. Wow 2 months… must just about feel like leaving home 🙂 Keep heading South man! xxxx

  3. Goodbye China, have enjoyed all the photos, bring on more from Asia, love Mum xx

  4. happy traveling send more photos love looking at them, stay safe lots of love to you both pat and billxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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