Russian Visa and a Georgian Bakehouse

We returned to the farm in the Georgian countryside after handing in our Russian visa application. Jean-Jacque was determined to get the bakery finished to make loaves ready to sell at market the day after we would leave. That gave us 8 days of work and a Sunday off before returning to Tbilisi to collect our Russian visa (hopefully). First off was the thermal mass retaining wall. I infilled with sand while Sam got to work on the natural plaster – a clay sand mix. Once the wall was completed I continued to work with Jean-Jacque making nice the ceiling, levelling the floor and adding a gutter to the roof, all the time Sam was smoothly finishing the interior walls. We put up shelves for the baking tools, cleaned up the ancient fermenting pots in the floor and every day made a bigger fire inside the oven to slowly increase the heating power. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the first loaves on the Movavlis Mitsa website.

There were plenty of other jobs to do around the farm. Nina, Inken and Angelina did a huge amount of compote, jam and chutney making, preparing nuts for market, baking amazing cakes for the team and more work in the garden. We had sunflower oil to press and add in the excitement of finding the pigs when they escape, dodging Jean-Jacque’s hap-hazard rock throwing, being the intriguing foreigners at Jean-Jacques house which equated to regular visits from melon boy, fig boy, bread lady and pig man, and we had ourselves a really enjoyable, hard working and interesting time at Momavlis Mitsa. We left with some of the infamous grain that Sam hopes to plant in China. Next stop Russia…


2 responses to “Russian Visa and a Georgian Bakehouse


    Nice melons girls! x

  2. yum – that bread looks good…

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