In response to Nina’s recent blog The Edges of Istanbul I couldn’t help posting a few pictures to show there would good times too… The “bul” was ok really…

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5 responses to “Istanbul

  1. Wow! The food looks amazing. Nuts that big……
    Hope all are travelling well.

  2. Suddenly I realize
    That if I stepped out of my body I would break
    Into blossom.

    ―James Wright, Above the River: The Complete Poems


    Amazing pics thanks Rich x

  4. hey lovedoves
    Big Happy Birthday to you Nina! so much love from us hope you found a massive turkish cake to celebrate with! me and carl visited your patch yesterday had a picnic and enjoyed the sunshine, holyhocks, nasturtium’s, and herbs that are still growing in the veggie patch..your travels look brilliant x x x xme and carli hope to travel after the new year maybe we can join you somewhere x x x

  5. Thanks Richie for those beautiful images of Istanbul. xx to you both.

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