La Premier…

So here’s my go at a little documentary.  Part 1 of our Wwoof to Oz adventure.

Next stop Spain…

6 responses to “La Premier…

  1. What a lovely surprise to come home and find this brilliant first documentary well done can’t wait for the next one it feels like I’m with you,what an amazing experience you had,mum x

  2. Steve Farmbrough

    What a fantastic record of your experiences so far, keep em coming Dad (Steve F)

  3. Loving the video folks.

  4. WOW! So impressed with this documentary! Well done Richie! Can’t believe that was your first effort – the shots, the original music, all so professional. My fave scene is of one of your friends dancing, lost in the music, inside one of the homes. Julian watched the whole thing with us and when I paused it for a moment he said “Put it back on Mum! I like it!” After watching the building work for a while, he let out a big sigh and said “I want to be a workman…” If you can hold the attention of a 3 year old for 45 minutes you have done pretty darn well! More, more I say! x

    • Thanks Hol. I love gettingh your comments, your my biggest fan. It means a lñot to me that you guys get a sense of where we´re at and what we´re up to… much love. ps: we´ll make a natural builder out of that boy yet! x

  5. Nice one guys, loving it, hope the wrists hold out mate!! Love Love

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