Monthly Archives: February 2012

Stuck in Essaouira

9.30am, standing on the train platform at Meknes, we actually had a ticket booked for Marrakech.  Five minutes before our departure we noticed that our train continued onto Essaouira which we knew had the ocean, warmth and a less hectic pace of life.  Nina ran into the ticket office and extended our journey.  We arrived here the same evening.

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A more touristy holiday destination feel has not overshadowed our need to be here.  Warmth, fresh local seafood and a lovely cheap room around a central courtyard perfect for writing up that third diploma project.  It’s twelve days since we arrived and we’re starting to talk about moving on now.

I’ve got my next project under control, we’ve confirmed some wwoof hosts for Spain and just about exhausted our local food options where it was nice to feel like regulars for a few days.  Essaouria has been kind to us.  Enjoy the pictures…

Rooftop Hand Washing…

One of the goals outlined in my diploma project 3 is that we “get to Australia in the most environmentally responsible way”.  This will obviously affect our transport options, what we eat and what we buy.  In fact all of our actions have some knock on effect including what we use to wash with or how many plastic bags we have to refuse in one day.  We’ll be highlighting some of these decisions and other interesting topics in little video documentaries like this one…

Meknes and Volubilis

Seems like a lot more than two days but that’s all we were in Meknes for.

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A day wandering the old fortified palace grounds, including hectares of underground chambers once used to store grain, and a day for an out of town visit to Volubilis, the farthest south westerly roman city.  Now in Essaouira by the coast after a good 12 hours of train and bus travel yesterday.  More news from me soon and plenty to read on Nina’s blog

Norfolk to Chefchaouen

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Tomorrow we leave Chefchaouen on route to Meknes.  Nina and I have been in Morocco two weeks now and the days have flown by since we left Norfolk.  We had the weekend in London and Brighton before catching our bus to Paris.  We picked up an overnight train to Madrid and had just enough time there to grab a churros, definitely needed to boost the sugar levels, still trying to get over the weird snotty face ache that I’d left England with.  We moved on again by train to Algeciras where we were to catch our boat to Morocco.  It was only 36 hours since leaving London and we decided to take a room for the night, hoping to catch the ferry early the next day. read more…

Planning Granted!!!

Today we received the long anticipated news that our planning application was granted.  We’ve been checking almost daily to see if there has been any change on the online application and what a relief to see that it has all gone through ok.

Nice to see a reference to key design considerations and a special mention in the permission details for “Sustainable Development in Rural Areas – The Council was particularly mindful of the following matters: – scale, design and materials appropriate to use and location – impact on landscape. The simple form of the building is considered appropriate to its use and location on an agricultural holding. The site is well screened and remote from residential properties. The proposal will not impact on the wider rural landscape.”

The full application form, design statement, neighbour comments and decision status can be found here