Project Report 1

Well I feel that I have finished my first project report ready for tutor and peer review.  After starting a couple of months later than the rest of the gang I have been slightly rushed but in keeping with the 80:20 rule it’s better to get the work in than spend another 80% of my time getting 20% more work done??? I could definitely tweak my CV and will be spending some time on that in the coming days.  It’s been a little stop start as the haven of my parents house which I had to myself to start this project is now full with people and concentrating was difficult.  Plus we are now fully immersed in The Patch with the roof to finish and plenty of trees to plant, mulch and support!  Watch this space for updates on the freshly planted food forest including lots of soft fruit, sea buckthorn and comfrey going in and this week we will be finishing the roof at last!!!

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