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Woofing in the Hunter Valley

During our road trip in Australia and just after leaving the Blue Mountains we contacted what seemed a nice place to Wwoof.  Permaculture principles and a straw bale build with accommodation in a tree house.  Sounds nice.  We gave Rosie a call at short notice and she was happy to take us.  We rocked up that evening and they put us in the tree house.  What they meant by the tree house was another building in the adjoining property that happened to look out through the trees.  It was amazing.  The next day we got to work and the first thing we did was build a new wheel barrow friendly path.  It needed a small brick wall on one side.  This was to be our first wall building excerise.  It turned out quite nice and did the job.  Other more fluffy jobs came in the next couple of days and we also hounded Rosie about her techniques and learnt a great deal.  Thank you rosie.  A few pics here…

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Behind the old shed…

Whilst in Australia Nina and I also tackled the area behind the shed that had become very overgrown.  There were already banana trees there but lots of brambles and competing plants.  We slashed it all except the trees and then collected huge amounts of cardboard.  We laid the cardboard first putting down lots of nitrogen-rich material.  Once it was covered we mulched with straw and planted various plants into it.  Around the edges we planted comfrey and vertiver grass to stop encroaching bramble.  We then planted many more plants including pigeon pea, coco yam, cassava and sweet potatoes.  Pictures here…


The Patch Design

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When in Australia and using google earth for the measurements and slop etc I decided to get to work with a design for The Patch.  I created a 1:100 scale drawing and began the process of mapping a design.  Check … Continue reading